Kevin Powers

Player Safety Director Bio



I started in Golden Empire Youth Football (GEYF) in 2002. I had been coaching flag off and on for several years but this was my first opportunity at coaching “real football”.  I started off as a defensive assistant with Titans program coaching at the Sophomore level. In my second year coaching, I moved to defensive coordinator for the Sophomores and was the head coach for the Varsity team in my 3rd year. 


After a brief 1 year hiatus, I moved on to the Knights program.  While I was with the Knights I was the Sophomore defensive coordinator for 2 years and JV head coach in my third year with the program after which I took a 2 year break to finish my military service.  In 2011 I found myself back in GEYF with the Titans but this time not only as a coach but also as the father of a player.  This gave me a whole new perspective on the game that I love. 


Now I had been a Safety NCO (Non Commissioned Officer) in the military and child and player safety had always been important to me, but now being the parent of a player myself, it seemed a little more personal and I wanted to do more.  So after being a defensive coordinator for the Freshman for 1 year, I moved up to Head Coach.  As the Head Coach I decided that I wanted to limit tackling during practices.  In previous years tackling during every practice was the norm.  I thought for safety reasons why not have fewer days of contact, so from now on I would have only one day of full contact tackling. 


After 2 years with the Titans, I moved on to the Pride where I was the head coach of their Sophomore team.  At this time my son hadn’t grown much so I sat down and really got to thinking, “what more can I do as a coach to make the game safer not only for him, but for all players?”  I started watching videos and doing research and I came across what was called at the time “Hawk Tackling”.  Now at this time, GEYF had already adopted the USA Heads Up football program which I thought was great.  So although I completed my Heads Up online training and became certified I continued to study other safe tackling techniques.  One thing I learned being a Safety NCO is to be proactive when it comes to safety.  Always try to learn more.  Now after just 1 season with the Pride, I moved on to become the head coach of the Bullpups which was a brand new program in our league.  I had a meeting with my coaches and I ask them “what can we do to make the game a little safer for these kids?”.  I had them watch the videos about “Hawk tackling” and do some of their own research and we agreed to add in the hawk tackling with the Heads Up online training.  The results were great and I truly felt as a coach, but more importantly as a parent, we were on the right track.  The following season GEYF implemented the hawk tackling along with USA Football’s Heads Up training and I felt the results were good.


This year I am coaching the JV level and I truly feel like now more than ever that although football is a physical sport, that it is safer than it has ever been.  I look forward to doing what I can do as a Coach, and now as the Player Safety Director for GEYF, to continue to make this sport safer for generations to come.