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Golden Empire Youth Tackle Football & Cheer

Frequently Asked Questions


To locate the team in your area,

you will need to start with where you live...


Golden Empire Youth Football abides by the KHSD boundaries.   In order to find the area or team to try out for Click here for the KHSD boundary locator.  Enter your address and your corresponding high school will show up.


(This works for all Kern School District addresses only)

Click the Back Arrow when you're finished to return to the GEYF site.





This Map is to be used as a Reference Guide to determine appropriate geographical area for play. As a local high school feeder program, Golden Empire Youth Football & Cheer requires participants to play for GEYF Programs that represent the high school district they currently reside in.


If you reside in a geographical area that is not represented by a GEYF Program, your current place of residence will determine which GEYF Program you’re eligible to play for.


Central – 2018 KHSD -  Bakersfield High School boundaries and North of Ming Ave., West to Gosford Rd., East to Union Ave.

Bullpups – 2018 KHSD - Golden Valley High School District as well as north to Ming Ave, east to Union Ave and west to Wible Rd. In addition, and as it relates to portions of Arvin High School District; area south of Panama Rd. north of Sunset as well as west of Fairfax Rd.

Wolverines – 2018 KHSD - The Ridgeview High School district as well as everything East to Fairfax and north to Sunset as it relates to the available Arvin High School district allocation. As well as North to Ming Ave. and west to Wible Rd. 

Ravens – 2018 KHSD - Independence High School Boundaries North to Ming Ave., East to New Stine, West to Ashe Rd.

Pride  – 2018 KHSD - The Mira Monte High School District and south of Panama and East of Fairfax Rd as it relates to portions of Arvin High School district allocation.


Once you know the High School in your area, you can locate the team information by selecting the team associated with your High School from the list shown below.





Click on your Team Name to be taken to your Team's Home Page for more information about tryouts, contacts and other team information.


Bengals - Wasco HS

Rockets - North HS

Bullpups - Golden Valley HS

Sabers - East HS

Cardinals - Centennial HS

Southwest - Stockdale HS

Central - BHS

Spartans - Frontier HS

Freedom - Liberty HS

Talons - Bakersfield Christian HS

Gladiators - Shafter HS

Titans - Foothill HS

Irish - Garces HS

Tomahawks - Tehachapi HS

Knights - Highland HS

Trojans - Cecar E. Chavez HS

Pride - Mira Monte HS

Wildcatters - Taft HS

Ravens - Independence HS

Wolverines - Ridgeview HS



Contact the Area Representative

located on the team info page.

(The Area Representative is responsible for the

overall supervision of his or her area up to and including conduct of coaches, parents, players and spectators. The GEYF Area Representatives shall be responsible for the management of all funds collected and or generated via fundraising efforts or any other financial endeavor within his or her prospective area.)


Please contact the GEYF League Office for any questions regarding GEYF/KHSD Boundaries. 

(661) 837-4393




How do I register my child?


All GEYF Football participants must go through the Team Try Process before they are eligible to register for a team. Once a child has been selected to a team, he or she will be directed as to when, where, and how to complete the Registration Process.




Is there a fee for my child to “Try Out”?


NO; unlike other youth leagues, you will never be charged a fee to “Try Out” for a Golden Empire Team. Only when your child has been selected to a team will you be asked to pay a Participant Registration Fee, and Registration will be conducted on a subsequent later date.




When do “Team Try Outs” start and how long do they last?


Teams are eligible to start “Try Outs” as early as March 1st. of each season and the length of duration for each Try Out can vary based on the number of participants trying out for each team and or division. By League Rule, teams are limited to no more than three (3) “Try Out” Sessions in a seven (7) day period not to exceed two (2) hours in length, so as a parent you should prepare for a two (2) to three (3) week period on average.




How do I know what GEYF Team to Try Out For?


Golden Empire Youth Football & Cheer is a Feeder Program for the majority of high schools in the Kern County Area. As a youth feeder program we utilize Kern High School District Residential Boundaries as well as subsequent appropriate high school boundaries for our outlying programs such as Tehachapi, Wasco, or McFarland. Programs such as the GEYF Fighting Irish or the Western Talons utilize non boundary specific criteria; please contact those areas directly for eligibility requirements. As a GEYF Participant, you will be required to both Try Out and or play in the district you reside in. If you reside in an area that does not have a GEYF Feeder Program you can contact the league office for assistance.




What should I expect at “Team Try Outs”?


Upon arriving at “Team Try Outs” you will be asked to sign a Participant Wavier Release and contact form authorizing your child to participate in “Team Try Outs”. Participants are not required to present Official Birth Certificates at time of time of Try out. Participants will then warm up and subsequently engage in a series of football drills and sessions where they will be evaluated on the following criteria:

a.      Team and position need

b.      Participant ability & performance

c.       Participant effort & desire

d.      Participant attitude, conduct, and participation

Although final player selection will be at the sole discretion of each team’s head coach, every participant will be evaluated equitably utilizing the above referenced criteria.



How many players are teams allowed to keep on their roster?


Regardless of division, all Golden Empire Football and Cheer Teams/Squads are both encouraged and allowed to keep a maximum of 30 participants per team for the season.




Does everyone get to play?


Yes; Regardless of ability and or experience, every player will get to play. Golden Empire has a “Mandatory Play Rule” (MPR). The MPR is as follows:

Rookies, Freshmen, Sophomore, and Junior Varsity Division has a league minimum of ten (10) plays from scrimmage for every player. Varsity Division has a league minimum of five (5) plays from scrimmage for every player. Although there is a set minimum, Golden Empire Coaches are encouraged to play their players more than the MPR requires.




What should I bring to “Team Try Outs”?


Participants should bring plenty of water/fluids to try outs and dressed in work out attire.

Recommended attire; shorts, tee shirt, and cleats if you have them.




Are Cheerleaders required to go through the GEYF “Try Out” Process?


NO; unlike the GEYF Football Program, Golden Empire Youth Cheer is a “non competitive program” and any participant meeting appropriate age only requirements is free to immediately register for each GEYC Squad. (Contact League Office for details). GEYF Boundary Requirements also apply to cheerleaders.




What if my child does not make a team?


If your child is not selected to a GEYF Team during the initial “Try Out” Process, he or she will be issued a formal written release allowing that participant to play out of his or her geographical area for a period of one (1) year. This means your child will be free to compete for a roster spot on any other GEYF Team for that season. At the end of that season, each participant will be required to return to his or her original area for future consideration.




How old does my child have to be to cheer or play football for Golden Empire?


Please refer to the GEYF Age & Weight Table posted on our website.




How much does it cost for my child to play football or cheer for Golden Empire?


Registration Fees vary from program to program so please review each programs website or contact their program directly for cost.




What do I need to bring to Registration?


Participants need to bring an original stamped official County or State Birth Certificate as well as two (2) copies of that birth certificate. The original birth certificate will be inspected by a league official and returned back to that parent after being briefly reviewed. The (2) birth certificate copies will be retained by the league and kept on file for the season. Participant will also need to bring proof of residency via a current utility statement in parent or guardians name corresponding to appropriate registered address. Parent will pay registration fee that day by means of check, cash, money order, or Visa/Master Card. Football Participant must be present at time of Registration to weigh in and certify. Cheer Participants are required to be present at time of Registration to certify only, there are no weigh - Ins for cheerleaders.




I provided the league with an official Birth Certificate last season; do I need to bring one this year?


YES; To ensure integrity guidelines are met, Golden Empire starts the Registration Process new every season and parents are required to bring in an Original Birth Certificate each season.




Is my child required to have a Sports Physical to participate with Golden Empire?


YES; all youth football and cheer participants are required to present the league with a copy of recently completed sports physical. Youth football participants are required to submit a copy of recently completed sports physical prior to being issued equipment in early July of each season. Youth cheer participants are also required to submit a recently completed sports physical by early July of each season. Although highly recommended, sports physicals are not required at time of try out. Please Note* Golden Empire’s Football Camp held in mid June is a great place to get your required sports physical.




When does the actual season start?


GEYF’S Football season runs from early September through mid November of each year with games being played on Saturdays through out Kern County.




Can my child wear his own equipment?


NO; for insurance liability and safety purposes, Golden Empire Participants must wear league issued equipment that is properly fitted by our staff. It is vital that we know that all equipment issued and worn is safe and certified.




Is Golden Empire a nonprofit organization?


YES; Golden Empire is a 501c3 Nonprofit Charitable Organization and all donations and sponsorships are tax deductable.




Where do my League Registration and Gate Fees go and how is it utilized?


Golden Empire Registration and Gate Fees go to cover the cost of the following: 

·         Liability and Medical Insurance for each participant.

·         Equipment/Apparel purchase and maintenance.

·         Equipment storage.

·         Field Cost.

·         Officials Cost.

·         EMT Cost.

·         Day to day operations cost

As a transparent nonprofit organization all proceeds and their usage can be viewed on an annual basis via state or federal websites or Guidestar.com. Golden Empire’s annual 990’s are available on those sites for viewing.



Can Girls play Tackle Football for Golden Empire?


Yes; anyone regardless of gender is eligible to try out for anyone of our Golden Empire Teams.




Can anyone attend the Golden Empire Youth Football/Cheer Camp?


Yes; anyone between the ages of 6 to 14 yrs is eligible to attend our one day youth Football/Cheer camp in June every year.




Who do I contact if I have a problem and or concern?


Golden Empire’s Contact Chain of Command is as follows. 

First Level of Contact (Head Coach), Second Level of Contact (Area Representative), Third Level of Contact (Area Representative Supervisor),

Fourth Level of Contact (GEYF Executive Board), Fifth Level of Contact (Executive Director). Please note* Anyone with questions and or concerns is encouraged to contact the GEYF League Office for assistance. (661) 837-4393

For Website related issues, please send an email to geyfinfo@geyf.org for support.



What do I get for my registration fee?


Although Registration Fees and what is issued for that fee can vary from program to program, here is what you will receive if registering for the following GEYF Football Programs. 

Central          Ravens            Pride

Freedom       Southwest      Sabers

Falcons         Titans               Rockets

Knights         Wolverines       Bullpups

    ·        Rental of the following equipment.

·        Helmet and mouth piece

·        Shoulder Pads

·        Practice pants, game pants, & girdle

·        Belt and 7 piece pad set

·        Custom Game Jersey valued at $ 60.00 to keep at end of season

     Additional Items

·        Participant Insurance

·        Constant instruction

·        Minimum (8) game participation

·        Up to a (10) week season





What do I do if my child is injured and does GEYF have insurance?


Yes; Golden Empire does have Accidental Medical Coverage on all its registered participants. Golden Empire’s coverage is set on a two (2) tier basis with a $ 100.00 deductable per claim. Please contact the league office for more eligibility details and assistance in filing a claim if needed.

In the event of an injury, immediately notify your coach and if warranted seek appropriate medical attention.  Your child’s head coach will collect information regarding the injury and will submit a “GEYF Incident Report” to the league office within a twenty four hour period, immediately in the case of a catastrophic injury. That information will be kept on file until needed in the event of a warranted claim.



How is Golden Empire Structured?


Golden Empire is comprised of 17 geographical chapters referred to as GEYF Areas. Eight (9) of the chapters are considered to be “In House” Dependent Programs. The following GEYF Areas are Dependent Programs under the direct control of the league office in terms of outfitting and financial obligation.

Central          Ravens             Pride

Freedom       Southwest       Sabers

Falcons         Titans

Knights         Wolverines

GEYF is also comprised of eight (8) Independent Chapters who are members of the program and participate within the organization. These eight (8) Independent chapters have their own board of directors and are responsible for outfitting their own teams and collecting their own registration. These eight chapters also function as a separate nonprofit entity.

The following GEYF Areas are considered to be Independent Programs.

Bengals        Gladiators

Rockets       Fighting Irish

Spartans     Talons




Who is on the Golden Empire Board of Directors?


The Golden Empire Board of Directors is comprised of the following members. 


                        GEYF Executive Board 

League Commissioner                       League Treasurer

Executive Secretary                           Athletic Director

Northern Area Representative   - Supervisor

Southern Area Representative   - Supervisor


                      GEYF General Board

Area Representative                         Northern Cheer Director

Southern Cheer Director                   Northern Coach @ Large

Southern Coach @ Large                  Fundraising Director



                              Executive Director












6630 Rosedale

 Hwy., Ste C

Bakersfield, CA


Get Directions

(661) 213-3970








701 La Paz Ct.

Bakersfield, CA









©2017, GEYF Golden Empire Youth Tackle Football & Cheer



To report problems with the website, send and email to geyfinfo@geyf.org with a description of the problem.