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Golden Empire Youth Tackle Football & Cheer

GEYF Coaches Game Day, Scrimmage, and practice Dress Code


  1. All GEYF Coaches must remain in acceptable coaching attire while conducting practice, coaching in games, and or scrimmages. League Issued Coaches Identification Badge must also be worn and made visible while coaching in games.

  2. Collard Polo type coach’s shirt and or coach’s style wind breaker with team color and or mascot may be worn while coaching in games and or scrimmages. No tee shirts, tank tops, or any other unauthorized attire will be worn. (Tee Shirts may be utilized while conducting practice only.)

  3. Color coordinated and appropriate length coaching shorts and or slacks may be worn while conducting practice, coaching in games and or scrimmages. (Gene and or Levi material may only be worn in a “practice setting”).

  4. Head Apparel such as visors and or ball caps are acceptable as long as said hats and or visors are color coordinated with team colors and or mascot, and are worn appropriately. Hats and visors must be worn facing forward at all times. Skull Caps, bandannas, and any other type of unauthorized head apparel will not be allowed even if worn under an authorized coaching hat and or visor.

  5. Jewelry with the exception of wrist watches and rings must be worn under clothing. Earrings are not allowed. Players are not allowed to wear earrings; coaches should set the same example.

  6. Inappropriate tattoos with explicit images or wording must me covered up at all times.

  7. Appropriate athletic footwear must be worn at all times. “Flip Flops”, sandals, and or any other type of unauthorized non athletic footwear will not be allowed. (Footwear such as dress shoes and or work boots may be worn in a “practice setting only”).

It is our belief that appropriate coaching attire will help to create a more professional coaching environment.




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