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Area Reps over see operations in each of their respective geographical areas. Each area is divided the same as the local high school districts. In other words which ever high school your son/daughter will be attending will determine which area you are in, if you are not sure we can help you determine that just call the rep that you think is in your area. The following are the area reps and phone numbers plus email address if they have them.


Still not sure which team you're eligible to tryout for?

Click here to enter your address to help you determine which High School's in your area.


(This works for all Kern School District addresses only)


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WASCO (Wasco High School area) (Western Conf.)(Bengals)

Gonzalo Cruz
Phone:  (661) 292-0017
Email:  gcruz07x@gmail.com

GOLDEN VALLEY (Golden Valley High School area) (Eastern Conf.)(Bullpups)

Jesus Garcia
Phone:  (661) 302-8010
Email:  jgarciabullpup22@gmail.com

CENTENNIAL (Centennial High School area) (Western Conf.)(Cardinals)

Jason Grant
Phone:  (661) 817-6622
Email:  northwestfootballrep@gmail.com

BHS (Bakersfield High School area) (Eastern Conf.)(Central Football)

Roque Munoz
Phone:  (661) 444-4473
Email:  centralbakersfieldfootball@gmail.com

LIBERTY (Liberty High School area) (Western Conf.)(Freedom)

Mark Bolin
Phone:  (661) 910-1259
Email:  farwestfreedom@gmail.com

SHAFTER (Shafter High School area) (Western Conf.)(Commanders)

Deon Duffey
Phone:  (661) 565-7588

GARCES (Garces High School Area) (Eastern Conf.)(Irish)

Izzy Ruiz
Phone:  (661) 619-0308
Email:  irishfootball70@gmail.com

HIGHLAND (Highland High School area) (Eastern Conf.)(Knights)

Lindsey Mendez
Phone:  (661) 333-9475
Email:  lindsey.mendez1018@gmail.com

MIRA MONTE (Mira Monte High School area) (Eastern Conf.)(Pride)

Angie Gomez
Phone:  (661) 205-5604
Email:  angiepridegomez@aol.com

Southern (Independence High School area) (Western Conf. - Nunez)(Ravens)

Jen Ramirez-Sefo
Phone:  (661) 427-6566
Email:  RavensFootballProgram@gmail.com

NORTH (North High School area) (Eastern Conf.)(Rockets)

Ryan Bennett
Phone:  (661) 617-9926
Email:  Ryanbennett2014@yahoo.com

(East High School area) (Eastern Conf.) (Sabers)

Alex Morales
Phone:  (661) 332-5284
Email:  easternsabers@gmail.com

SOUTHWEST (Stockdale High School area) (Western Conf. - Nunez)(Southwest)

Joann Ayson
Phone:  (661) 426-9600
Email:  joannayson25@gmail.com

FRONTIER (Frontier High School Area) (Western Conf.)(Midwest Spartans)

Darryl Dawkins
Phone:  (661) 333-2548

BAKERSFIELD CHRISTIAN (Bakersfield Christian High School Area) (Western Conf. - Nunez)(Western Talons)

Jamie Carrillo
Phone:  (661) 331-6443
Email:  westerntalons@gmail.com

FOOTHILL (Foothill High School area) (Eastern Conf.)(Titans)

Ruben Cisneros
Phone:  (661) 205-0108
Email:  Rubencisneros700@gmail.com

TEHACHAPI (Tehachapi High School area) (Eastern Conf.)(Tomahawks)

Brian Copus
Phone:  (661) 301-3104
Email:  bcopus26@gmail.com

DELANO (RK Kennedy High School) (Eastern Conf.)(Thunder)

Rodney DelRio
Phone:  (661) 667-6326
Email:  rdelrio2412@gmail.com

(Taft High School area) (Eastern Conf. - Nunez)(Wildcatters)

Bart McLean
Phone:  (661) 763-2426
Email:  bart.wsrpd@gmail.com

SOUTHEAST (Ridgeview High School area) (Eastern Conf. - Nunez)(Wolverines)

Loren Hall
Phone:  (661) 410-6PAW (729)
Email:  geyfwolverinefootball@gmail.com













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 Hwy., Ste C

Bakersfield, CA


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